The 'Sin City' Specials

AC/DC – Gypsy Jazz Style? Hell Yeah! Let me take you to a world where dreams come true… We’re going down to SIN CITY!!

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Here's the background to this project.

Ever since I was a young guitarist it’s always been my dream to fuse the music of my two heroes, Angus Young of AC/DC and the gypsy guitar genius, Django Reinhardt.

Worlds apart yet both killer guitar players who between them and their 12 strings have enriched the lives of many millions – me included.

I grew up with AC/DC and my very first riffs on the guitar were ‘Back In Black’ and ‘Whole Lotta Rosie’….Angus Young’s playing just gets right inside me and for me he’s one of the most soulful guitarists on the planet…. but my life changed when I fell in love with Django Reinhardt who was the gypsy guitarist who changed the world of acoustic guitar playing forever with his impossible chromatic runs and deep soulful ballad playing using just the 2 fingers he had…. it’s his joie de vivre and infectious swing that hooked me….

Gypsy Jazz has been my life since then BUT I’ve always had the idea to one day play AC/DC’s music in the gypsy jazz way.
BUT, for years it seemed so wrong, so impossible and so taboo.

How could the devil’s guitarist virtuoso Angus Young make music with the gypsy jazz genius of Django Reinhardt?

The world we live in likes to label music. It’s all meant to be kept in separate boxes – but why? To me it seems so natural to mix the two together and I always new these guys would get on like a house on fire…. so finally I’m getting the party started!

Finally I’m painting the musical picture of what it’s like when the mighty world of AC/DC joins forces with the beautiful acoustic world of Gypsy Jazz.

Finally my dream is coming true and i’m creating music which smashes labels, breaks down barriers and unites awesome guitar music as one.

I want to show you how it feels when you take AC/DC anthems like ‘Back In Black’, ‘Whole Lotta Rosie’ & ‘You Shook Me All Night Long’ and give them a twist of Django magic plus my own personal touches to pay my deepest respects to both Angus & Django.

It’s my intention that both AC/DC fans and Django Reinhardt fans will totally dig this album!

Hey did I mention the guitar?? Ha! Of course the guitar is where all the magic comes from and I’ve been entrusted with this devilish red acoustic gypsy guitar forged in the style of Angus Young’s iconic Gibson S.G. complete with horns and thunderbolts.
‘Djangus’ as she’s better known is what I’ve used to go forth and create this acoustic gypsy alchemy.

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