Bossa Dorado Like A Boss

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Start Learning Today At Home

Get That Sexy Gypsy Bossa Rhythm Into Your Jam

Discover the sexy Gypsy Bossa rhythm and how to play it perfectly.

I'll teach you the classic arrangement of 'Bossa Dorado' - with a couple of extra twists for good measure. And I'll show you how to easily memorize the chord progression and how to play the beautiful melody note-for-note.

You'll also learn how to create beautiful and impressive gypsy jazz solos by integrating these musical elements:

- Scales & Arpeggios
- Tailor Made Solos
- Hot Licks

This Live Workshop & Course are perfect for beginners who want to learn this exciting and groundbreaking Gypsy Jazz tune, and for experienced players who want to go deeper into 'Bossa Dorado' and improve their soloing skills.

Here's The Skills You'll Master:

🎸 Gypsy Bossa Rhythm
🎸 The Classic Intro
🎸 James Bond Lick
🎸 The Chords & Melody
🎸 The 'Smooth' Chords
🎸 'Hey Jude' Outro
🎸 Scales & Arpeggios That Work
🎸 2 Hot Solos & 3 Hot Licks
🎸 The Gypsy Kings Chords

This Online Masterclass Comes Complete With Video Training, Backing Tracks, Downloadable PDF Music Charts.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee - Try out my course for 30 days and if you feel it’s not right for you in any way, just email me to let me know, and I’ll send you a refund straight away.