Essential Gypsy Jazz Guitar Licks volume 2 - Plus Bonus Video Lessons

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Take This Stash of Never-Fail Licks and Become A Soloing God!

    • Let's face it, most hard core gypsy players don't spend years studying theory in school, they've been connecting to the source, listening and emulating and then improvising and developing their own style.
    • Essential Gypsy Jazz Guitar Licks volume 2 is packed full of juicy licks I've learned from masters like Django, Stochelo, and Bireli, as well as a few of my own choice originals; all covered in context over a set of must-know tunes in this style.
    • For each song, I give you five complete chorus's of solos using some of my best and coolest improvisational ideas including embellishing the melody, octave ideas, chordal inversions and straight up killer gypsy jazz licks. 
    • We'll Look At Soloing Over These Tunes 
      - "Coquette"
      - "Swing Gitane"
      - "All Of Me"
      - "For Sephora"
      - "Tears"

    • Here's What's Inside
      - For each of the first four tunes, we cover 5 unique solos using licks.
      - For "Tears" we cover two solos Bireli's and my own. So 22 solos full of killer licks in all! 
      - On the CD you'll have each of the licks recorded in slow and medium tempos.
      - The book covers each lick in standard notation & guitar tab.
      - The book and CD will ship straight to your door.
    • Fast Action Bonus!
      Sign up today and get access to over an hour of video lessons selected to maximize your results and enjoyment of this program.
      My "Tears" licks videos which I created exclusively as a companion for this book. These four videos will make the task of learning the licks to "Tears" much easier and way more exciting. I play the Bireli Lagrene solo chorus at tempo and at a super slow tempo so you can really see up close where the fingers are going.
      Soloing Secrets - lessons from my Gypsy Jazz Transfusion stash where I share with you my approach to soloing over each of these 5 tunes.
      You'll Get Lifetime Access To These Valuable Bonus Videos! Once your purchase is approved, you’ll be emailed your login information to access the bonus content on our private website. You’ll have unlimited lifetime access.